Alpha of the Vaunted Guardians


Albrecht is forthright and no-nonsense, with a commanding presence. He is very authoritative and always vigilant, making it difficult to catch him off guard.

He is the leader of the Vaunted Guardians. He runs patrols into the umbra with his pack to root out wyrm corruption and ensure the surrounding areas are held securely. He was not impressed with the Caern security failure back in September and expects the elders to be more vigilant in the future.

He has made an offer to Cal for the Storm Bringers to come on an umbra run once they are wiser and more experienced. That offer has not been taken up. He does not interact with them, although he keeps tabs on Karen’s relationship with her son to make sure it does not affect her ability to properly fulfil her role.

He is keeping a close eye on the recent influx of Silver Fangs in the city. Although he is not personally all that active in Garou politics much of the time, it is important to be aware of sudden shifts in power.

The Vaunted Guardians

Karen – Fianna; Cal’s Mother; The heavy hitter of the pack.
Desmond – Glasswalker; Hacker, cynical and sarcastic.
Samantha – Bonegnawer; Goes by “Sam”; very cheerful and informal; Scout.
Maxine – Uktena; Goes by “Max”; Watcher, seer; Fairly serious, rather close to Sam.


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