Andrew Flynn

Annie's Mentor & Father


Human: Andrew has brown eyes with a little spark of mischievousness behind them. Black hair. Looks to be in his mid-40s

Wolf: Stocky black wolf with green eyes and a white spot on his chest.


Andy was born a Black Spiral Dancer. He grew up with the man later known as Deucalion. They were brothers, not biologically but for all intents and purposes. They stuck together, had each others’ backs. Then, as they both sank into corruption, they took different paths. Deucalion experimented on himself, on his blood, using spirit pacts and strange magics. Andy, meanwhile, made the gift that would make the pack famous.

Twenty years ago Andy was his Alpha in a pack of Black Spiral Dancers in First city. Their entire pack had the gift Andy created, which allowed them to gain the powers of fellow packmates when the victim was killed.

It all changed when Andy fell in love with the girl who would grow to become Cleansing-Flame. When she discovered that he was a Black Spiral Dancer her heart was broken. She ended things with Andy and tearfully promised to kill him if she ever saw him again.

This was a wake-up call for Andy, and he decided he wanted out of the Black Spiral Dancers. To do that he needed a fresh start, which meant completely erasing his past. He made pact and called in favours in order to erase all memories of his pack and their deeds, and then, to finish it all, he killed his pack, leaving nobody except himself and his lost love to remember his dark past.

He started a new life as a Child of Gaia, staying in the city but keeping to himself, in a cottage in the woods. Eventually he met a nice wolf lady, with whom he had several children – Ado, Aleu, and Anouk.

In recent times it was revealed that one of his former packmates had survived and, now calling himself Deucalion (since his real name was erased from everybody’s memory), had returned to exact vengeance on Andy. Fortunately for Andy, the Storm Bringers were able defeat Deucalion and his new pack, ending their threat once and for all. The last of them Andy had to kill himself, leaving him stronger and more troubled than ever.

Andy lives alone in the woods, only leaving to visit his daughter and granddaughter. He has little contact with his two wolf children. He was recently discovered by Cleansing-Flame after Annie let things slip, and the two former lovers had a very heated interaction. Despite the years that have passed, he still loves her and hopes that perhaps he has atoned enough for her to consider forgiving him and at last meeting with him once more. He also discovered that he had another child, although the metis boy born from their union has died.

Andrew Flynn

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