Anouk (Annie) Flynn


Human: short, black hair with large, bright, dark green eyes. She is small and slender, but muscular. She is average height but has longer legs than average.

Wolf: Mostly white with black brindle on her face and legs. Her dark green eyes become light and pale, but still retain the brightness

• Wolf Sight (1) – Gain an extra die to all visually based perception rolls that involve movement or take place at night
• Calm Heart (3) – Rage rolls are at +2 difficulties
• Natural Leader (2) – +2 dice on leadership rolls
• Ancestor Alley (1) – you have an ancestor who is particularly close to you and have a -2 difficulty to dice rolls to contact this ancestor via the Ancestors Background.
• Metis Child (4) – two dice penalty social rolls involving Garou who know of your child
• Speech Impediment (1) – difficulties of rolls involving verbal communication are increased by two; must be roleplayed
• Vengeful (2) – you have a score to settle and it is your overriding drive in any situation where applicable. You can temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending a will power.


Anouk was born with one brother, Ado, and one sister, Aleu. Their mother rarely spoke of their father, but they would refer to him as “Amak” and dreamed up wild fantasies about who he really was. But those fantasies faded the more time passed.

Anouk was more alert and aware of her surroundings that her siblings. And she was curious to learn about everything. Members of their pack called her “Little Anyu”. Her mother would tell her that it would get her into trouble someday. She was right of course, but it was not Anouk who paid the price. Her mother died protecting her from a hunter when she strayed too far. She always blamed herself for her mother’s death.

About a year later Anouk was wandering through the forest alone. She had been angry with her sister and need the time to herself. He found her in a very vulnerable place in her life. And she was young and did not know any better.

She gave birth to one daughter, Sura about the same time that she learned of her true nature. It was actually the nature of her birth which led to this discovery. Sura was born pure white with red unseeing eyes. She was also born half human and half wolf. Anouk’s pack, the one she had grown up in, shunned her. Scared and angry she felt something surge within her. She picked up her admittedly deformed baby in her arms and fled to a deep part of the forest. And that’s where she remained with Sura for a couple of months.

Anouk was scared of herself. She was scared for her child. One day a black and white wolf found her and Sura. He changed before her eyes into a human and told her that he understood. He introduced himself as Andy Flynn and said he could help her and her child. At first she rejected his help, but he kept coming back. He had answers. In the end, he gained her trust and she accepted his help because she truly believed he could help Sura find a normal life.

Andy has been a constant companion in her life since then. He taught her how to live in human and in the werewolf society. She is sociable and well-spoken even in wolf form. She is usually calm, but can command a room when she needs to do so.

But she has not seen Sura since he took her almost a year ago. She has also not seen Sura’s father since that night. And every time she thinks about him, she loses her calm disposition. She finds it best not to think about him.

As a wolf, she looks like she has reached full maturity. As a human she looks like she is only twenty. She currently has two homes. A small house on the edge of town that Andy owns and allows her to stay in and the den in the deep part of the forest where she spent the few months she could with her daughter.

Anouk (Annie) Flynn

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