Elder Shaman


Barks-at-the-Moon was one of the three elders of the local sept. She wass the only Lupus elders, and was often seen in her breed form. Her main role as an elder was that of the Shaman and spiritual guide – she was a powerful theurge, and has learned many things during her travels in the Umbra.

Over the last year she helped Julia connect with her spiritual side and learn about the rituals and traditions of the Garou. She has since passed that role on to others, although the two women do still meet occasionally and are on good terms.

When the Storm Bringers came before the elders and admitted to endangering the veil she was disappointed in them, but after they cleaned up their mess and Julia performed a Rite of Contrition, she considers that to be in the past.

She had no particular feelings towards the Storm Bringers, except that she wished they would be more respectful to tradition. She was also slightly more fond of Julia, as she would visit the Elder regularly for advice and training.

Barks-at-the-moon was mortally wounded when Noatak, Cal’s wicked “twin”, returned to First City. She survived surprisingly long thereafter thanks to immediate medical assistance from Annie and an unsanctioned healing circle erected by Annie and Julia, but eventually perished from her wounds.


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