A ginger wolf with a vicious temper


Wolf: Cal is a big wolf, even by werewolf stardards. Standing at the shoulder at 4’4’’. His fur is a dark orange, and he has brown eyes.

Human: Cal is a tall man at 6’5’’ with a very defined muscular, but surprisingly thin body. He only ever wears form fitting t-shirts, dark jeans, boots and his leather jacket. He retains his brown eyes, and has short cut ginger hair and a well trimmed ginger beard.


Cal was the only cub of his litter. His mother who lived in the city, decided to raise him in the forest away from the lights and the noise. She felt that by raising him according to a very specific plan she could ensure he grew tolerant of human society and, despite being lupus, he would feel more connected with humans. This would not play out as she hoped.

For the first 4 months on his life he was raised in a small over hang. The only contact Cal had with anybody was with his mother. She raised him on his own. At times something nagged him in the back of his mind. Something told him this wasn’t right but he was a cub, he didn’t question it much. He became very close with his mother, closer than would normally be considered natural. He didn’t know any better so he didn’t notice anything was strange but where this connection to be looked at by a therapist they would say he became emotionally dependant on her. Cal just loved his mother deeply and she loved him

At 4 months his mother left him alone. There was nothing wrong with this. His mother often had to go out hunting. The problem was that shortly after she left he heard someone else approaching. It was not his mother he could tell that instantly. He hid in the back of the overhang hoping to be left alone. A strange hairless pale creature with 2 legs emerged from the under growth and looked straight at him. Cal was terrified. He knew he’d been seen. The thing moved slowly towards him. He yelped and called for his mother but she didn’t respond. The thing sat on the ground outside his den and looked at him. He didn’t move, he barely breathed he just stared at the thing. It pulled a hunk of meat out from behind its back and laid it on the ground. It was fresh. Cal was not concerned for the meat; he was too busy fearing for his life.

The thing then spoke to him. It said that the meat was a gift and would be left there for him. After that it got up and left. Cal stayed hidden until his mother came back soon after. He spirited to her when he was her and she nuzzled him reassuringly. He explained what had happened with the strange creature and she told him it was called a human. Some humans were nice some were not she said but if it had brought him a gift it must be nice. Cal was not sure he believed her. The human had been so scary, how could it be nice. His mother tasted the meat to show him it was ok. He tried a little bit but didn’t eat much. He didn’t trust it.

The next day the human came back. Again it sat outside the den and laid some meat on the ground. Again Cal called for his mother but she didn’t come. After 15 minutes the human left and his mother returned. He was annoyed at her, why hadn’t she come when he called. She tried to get him to eat some of the meat. It was good meat, he guessed.

The third day the human came back Cal did not call for his mother. He decided that if the thing was going to eat him it would have done so already. He sat in the den staring at it until it left. Things went on like this for a few days until his curiosity got the better of him on the 8th day and he left the den to investigate the human. It just sat watching him as he slowly approached it. He was on edge as he tasted the meat next to t. it was fresh like always. Why was the Human watching him and giving him gifts. As he sat there he noticed the humans smell. It smelled like his mother. That was really strange. He moved a little closer to it, sniffing the air. The human held out its hand towards him. He flinched away for a moment but sniffed at its fingers. It smelled exactly like this mother but it wasn’t his mother. The human stood up to leave but it had caught Cal’s interest so he followed it for a while, not too far just enough to see where it was going. It was strangely at home in the forest. It didn’t fall over or anything. He lost sight of it quickly after that and he returned to the den. His mother returned soon and he told her all about the human and how it smelled like her. She said that meant that it was definitely friendly. He wasn’t so sure

The human visited everyday for the rest of the week. Cal became relaxed around it over that time. It hadn’t tried to hurt him, it always brought him gifts. It smelled like his mother and sometimes it even spoke to him. It can’t have been too bad then. The truth was he was glad of the company. He loved his mother deeply but he wanted to meet others. He wanted to know that there was more to the world than just this den. The human was someone new to play with. It petted him and scratched things into the dirt while trying to explain what they meant. He didn’t say much to it, he didn’t really know what to ask it. What he did ask was about where it came from. It talked of a place called the city. It sounded scary. Cal had nightmares about it for the next 3 days. He didn’t ask again.

At 6 months his mother and the human left him alone longer and longer. He took this as a chance to explore a little. He strayed further and further from the den with increasing frequency. He tried his hand hunting for the first time but he wasn’t very good at it. He liked the freedom though, the sense that he was in some little way independent. He decided once to try and follow the human to the city; after all it could be that bad.

He never made it passed the edge of the forest. He could tell even from here that the human word was a strange and scary place not because it’s any more dangerous than the forest, matter of fact far from it, it looked be much safer; he believed everything the human had told him about it. The problem lay in the fact that it is just as wild but nobody can see it. The whole city was an untamable turmoil of animalistic urges fueled by human desire. This was what frightened Cal, the city was full of animals and the forest was full of civilization. He read all this in the ebb and flow of the distant lights and noise and retreated to the forest. He vowed never to return.

Shortly after this the human came to visit him again but this time it was not alone. It had brought another human with it and they both appeared to be wearing strange coverings. The first human acted as always though it didn’t give him a gift this time. The other one kept its distance. It seemed afraid; this put Cal on edge. It didn’t smell right either. Its scent was something he hadn’t come across, something he didn’t trust. It was good it kept its distance despite the others best attempts to coax it closer.

When he was 7 months old his mother took him to visit some other wolves. He was very excited. The prospect of meeting other wolves kept him on edge throughout the whole walk there. His mother explained along the way that the two in charge of the pack were called alphas and they were the ones in charge. This seemed pretty natural to Cal and didn’t take much explaining. When they arrived his mother went off to speak to the alphas while Cal had a wonder around. The others wolves watched him. He didn’t like them staring at him. They smelled different; it was in the air, they smelled weak, lesser somehow. His mother was gone for about an hour and when she came back she did not look happy. A mixture of sadness and anger held her features.

She explained to him that he would have to stay here without her. She would visit but she would not be saying with him. He didn’t understand at first. Where would she go, had he done something wrong? He was confused, scared and upset. She nuzzled him to try and comfort and calm him but it didn’t help. Why did he have to stay here with these wolves who stared at him, why was his mother leaving him? He didn’t sleep for 3 days, he spent them howling in sadness.

Over the next 13 months he grew more and more aggressive. The others wolves seemed to tolerate him but they didn’t accept them. It was like they had been told to watch him bit they weren’t happy about it. The alphas were always around keeping track of him. He was constantly getting into fights with the others which meant that his strength was only growing with his aggression. He lived for his mothers visits. She was the only one who seemed happy to see him but they were annoyingly short and infrequent. Over the months the annoyance turned to anger and hate. He lashed out at the others and more than once went too far and injured one of the pack.
The situation could not go on much longer; either he would finally snap or he would be forced to leave. He knew this was the case he read it on his mothers face. She was more and more worried with each visit. He on the other hand was planning on leaving shortly; he couldn’t stand it anymore. Things took a strange turn for the better. One of the other wolves in the pack, a little silver female, actually started to seek his company. He was hostile to her at first; he didn’t really have much trust for the pack but she was patient and slowly worked her way past his defenses. Her scent helped considerably with this; she smelt familiar unlike the other wolves.

Over the course of a month they built a friendship together. They went hunting together, they slept together and they played together. Cal began to become more relaxed and a lot of his pent up anger eased over time. He began to treat the other wolves better; he was less self confined and became more open and friendly. There was an issue arising though. His relationship with her was becoming more than just a friendship; they spent so much of their time together that the rest of the pack were beginning to think of them as mates. This was not far from the truth as Cal had begun to be more intimate with her.

This had not gone unnoticed by the alphas. They took issue with their friendship. They were forbidden the two of them from seeing each other anymore. This was a very extreme reaction and not one that Cal was going to accept. He had lost enough to this pack and he was not going to give up the one good thing that had happened to him. A fight broke out between him and the alpha male. It was vicious and blood soaked both their muzzles. The silver wolf tried to intervene to and the alpha bit her. Cal was consumed completely by rage and anger and blacked out

When he came to he was sat in front of the human who was petting him and murmuring to him. He was surrounded by blood and carnage. At least half of the pack was dead including the alpha male and the silver wolf was gone. He had nothing left. He didn’t have much time to grieve though as he watched the human change into his mother.

Over the next month and a half she explained the basics of werewolf society to Cal. She showed him that the human had been her all along just in a different form. She taught him to honour the stag with song as she had been taught. He learned that the reason he had felt so isolated from the last pack was that he was a werewolf and they were not. He needed a werewolf pack to feel like he belonged. He wanted so badly to belong somewhere at last.


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