Caleb Wilson

Unofficial leader of the local kinfolk


Caleb is a kind man, with just a hint too much pride in his role in the Kinfolk community. He is very forgiving and generous. He is a Presbyterian minister in the city.

He has been helping Cal to learn to read and write and feels a certain sense of protection towards him. He is also providing therapy, although Cheryl does most of the work.

He has started working with Cheryl Sanders on working together to provide more aid to the human and Garou communities. They are also in a romantic relationship.

He is apparently good friends with Leaf-on-the-Wind and spends time talking and playing chess with him in the sept.

He tries his best to stay involved in Elder politics to provide a voice for the kinfolk, with mixed success.This has proven even more difficult since the Silver Fangs started arriving in the city and he has found the blocks in his way frustrating

Caleb Wilson

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