Cheryl Sanders


Cheryl is a short, motherly woman. She looks to be in her late thirties with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and plenty of smile lines.


Cheryl is a Black Fury and alpha of her pack. She runs the local women’s refuge shelters in the city, catering to a mixture of humans and weres. There are several locations provided, so as to keep the were population separate and avoid incidents.

Cheryl is a kind and caring woman who fiercely protects those she looks after. Her short stature and friendly demeanor hide a capable warrior and skilled negotiator. It is not uncommon for her to take in new female weres who have come from other cities or are looking for a pack – many of her own pack have come from those ranks. Unlike some weres, she is perfectly happy to interact and associate with humans. Help is for those who need it, not just those you want to give it to.

Although she does not often come to the sept, she is well respected in both the were and human communities for her work. It is well known that you don’t mess with her or any of the people under her protection. Her territory is, unsurprisingly, in the city.

She has recently extended the hand of friendship to Caleb Wilson and they are looking into working together to help the werewolves and humans of the city. Her intentions were not entirely pure with regards to the good father and they have been in a relationship since Valentines.

Cheryl is on very good terms with Julia, fulfilling a mentor/mother role for the young woman.

She is on good terms with Annie and has extended the offer to provide volunteer work at the shelter.

She is currently helping to provide therapy for Cal.

She has helped Nahuel to discover that his would-be paramour Emma is in fact kinfolk, and made the offer to help him should he decide to tell Emma about her heritage.

Cheryl Sanders

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