Elder Warrior


Cleansing-Flame is one of the three elders of the local sept. She is the most combat-oriented of the three, and has a short temper.

She has lived a hard life, and has little patience for pleasantries or excuses.

Although she is grateful to the Storm Bringers for saving the Caern, they have left a very mixed impression on her before and since. She does appear to approve of their less than conventional approach to getting things done, even if she may not always approve of their methods. She also approves of them helping out the Bone Gnawers.

She was in favour of the pack ascending to third rank.

She is currently training Julia in combat, specifically weaponry. She respects what the young woman stands for and tries to do, and is watching to see if it bears fruit.

She is not currently sure how she feels about Annie after the revelation of the woman’s parentage.

She has a painful romantic history with Andy and is the woman he gave up being a Black Spiral Dancer for. She recently became aware that Annie is Andy’s daughter and that he was still in the area. They had an ‘altercation’ and she is now conflicted about what to do about him. It was revealed during their meeting that she had a child by him, who has since died.


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