It's time for the snow to meet the ice


Nerzuul is a giant albino metis. He is the half-brother of Nahuel – they share the same Garou father.

Nerzuul is incredibly strong. He is good looking in a very distinctive way.


Nerzuul has had a really shitty life. His father attempted to sacrifice him in exchange for a ‘perfect’ child, then messed up the bargain and spent the rest of Nerzuul’s childhood physically and mentally torturing him. He eventually killed his father and formed his own pack from people who were similarly oppressed.

He came to the city to confront his little brother in late October, but his carefully laid plans were undone when his pack actually interacted with the enemy and began to question him. He also started to doubt his actions and despite attempting to fight his brother was persuaded down.

He spent a year residing in a solitary umbral dimension, having been captured by the Storm Bringers. He was plagued by his own mental instability, the torment of Wendigo and the fate that has been denied. Despite this, he is apparently willing to try to overcome this and find a new path forward with the help of the Storm Bringers. He devoted much time and effort to this, becoming far more calm and stable than he used to be.

After a year of learning to calm himself, control his rage and begin to heal, Nerzuul is back on the mortal plane and living in the city. It has not yet been long and he is still dependent on the support of Julia financially while he tries to figure out what he wants to do with himself. He has been placed in charge of one of the fledgling Wyld sources planted in the city, a role he takes very seriously. He has begun to develop a tentative friendship with Sophie, one with potential romantic possibility if the two of them get off their butts.

He has developed a strong friendship with Julia as a result of his confinement, placing his trust in her to help him. Although progress continues, he has improved and finds his dreams are less painful. Wendigo seems to have largely left him be for some time now, although he did briefly have dreams pertaining to theThe Outsider for reasons which were unclear.

His feelings towards his brother are still very conflicted and their interactions are frequently fraught.

His dreams recently have gotten bad again, dreaming of an opening gate that he swears he has seen before with many eyes in the darkness beyond. He is yet to mention this, although he knows it will be of concern when he does.

Nerzuul likes painting. He has contributed artwork to the community centre that Julia bought.


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