Deucalion was born a Black Spiral Dancer. His birth name was something else, unknown by anyone alive. He grew up with Andy. They were brothers, not biologically but for all intents and purposes. They stuck together, had each others’ backs. Then, as they both sank into corruption, they took different paths. Deucalion experimented on himself, on his blood, using spirit pacts and strange magics. Andy, meanwhile, made the gift that would make the pack famous.

Twenty years ago Andy was his Alpha in a pack of Black Spiral Dancers in First city. Their entire pack had the gift Andy created which allowed them to gain the powers of fellow packmates when the victim was killed. When Andy wanted out of the BSDs after falling for a girl, he had to get rid of all witnesses to make a fresh start. As such he killed his entire pack, or so he thought. They had always been equals, perhaps less so by the end as Deucalion’s experiments bore fruit, but with the power gained from killing the rest of his pack, Andy was able to mortally wound Deucalion. For the bond they once shared, Andy was weak, and didn’t confirm the kill then and there. This let Deucalion survive long enough to attract Bat – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Every time his packmates got strong enough, Deucalion killed them, increasing his own power. Nobody knows exactly how many wolves he had devoured before returning to the city for his revenge.

His final packmates were Benjamin, Gabriella and Lora. He was in a relationship with Lora, but killed her for unspecified reasons.

He died at the hands of the Storm Bringers after they exorcised him and then Annie smeared him into paste on the floor.


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