Eric Miles


Eric lives in the city, having been exiled from werewolf society after abandoning his pack during a fight and returning to find them all dead. He rarely interacts with werewolves, with the exception of the Storm Bringer pack and Raven. He seems to get on OK with the local Kinfolk however.

When he is in a good mood, Eric is the life of the party. He likes to drink and gamble and have fun with his friends. When he is in a bad mood, Eric is depressive and isolates himself.

He sees Cal as a sort of son, with the potential to be what he could not. He was very hurt by Cal’s actions when the Kinslayers were in town and they are still tentatively rebuilding their friendship.

He has a grudging respect for Julia- she reminds him of what the Silver Fangs did to him, but he also appreciates her protection of her pack and forthrightness.

Eric hasn’t been seen around for a while and hasn’t been socialising very much. When he does go out, he seems very under-slept. He hasn’t seen much of the Storm Bringers in some time.

Eric Miles

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