Gabriella Wight


Gabriella was the oldest and most senior member of the pack besides Deucalion. She was probably older than him, although it was never made clear. She was the least traditionally “black spiral dancer” of the bunch – or so she told herself. Perceptions of such thing can become warped over time , even for one as jaded as she was.

She had seen some serious shit in her time and spent a signficant amount of her free hours drinking. She was only too aware that Deucalion would likely betray her down the line should she get too powerful. As such she was open to a way out – on her terms.

She was a survivor at heart. She made what she saw as the hard choice that the Storm Bringers refused to – killing her pack to spare her friends and family. Of course, they wanted nothing to do with her any more, but thanks to her they have the breath with which to express that opinion.

She was offered a chance at freedom by Julia on condition that she helped the Storm Bringers take down Deucalion and give up the gift. She helped by arranging for the murder of Lora, but refused to help any further or give up the gift as she did not believe that there was a way to stop him. She did come to the final battle, but arrived conveniently too late to offer any aid, fleeing shortly after to protect herself.

She died at the hands of Andrew Flynn after fleeing the city.

Gabriella Wight

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