Jake Cuorene

Bad news never looked so good


Human form: Jake is 6’3", well built and lean. He has dark hair, grey eyes and a crooked smile that comes easily. He usually has at least some stubble which makes it difficult to tell his age, although he is probably in his mid- to late-twenties.
He is very good looking and well aware of that fact, and prone to flirting. He has a scar on his right cheek, presumably from a fight with another werewolf. He claims that the scar was given to him by Julia during her first change, and that he kept it because he likes the way it looks.

Wolf form: Black wolf.

DOB: 21st June


Not everything here is necessarily true.

Jake is a homid werewolf, born in Second city in the south. He has spent much of his life travelling from place to place and rarely put down roots for long. His parents are dead and he has no other known family.If asked, Jake will say that he is a Shadow Lord. He does also not appear to have a pack, stating that he is an omega wolf and prefers it that way after bad experiences in the past. It is not currently clear what he does for work, although he is never short of money and frequently leaves town for extended periods of time.

Jake is charming and friendly, especially if you are female. He has an easy way with words and is very persuasive when he wants to be – some might even say manipulative, since he is very, very good at getting people to do what he wants without giving much away himself. He is also physically very strong and can easily overpower Julia in a fight, which has happened on occasion. He is much better at keeping control of his rage than some Garou, although when he lets loose he really lets loose.

Julia and Jake have been in an on/off relationship for the last five and a bit years. It hit a stumbling block when she had her first Change and thought she had killed him after he disappeared for six months. They hit another issue when she found out that he was a Black Spiral Dancer, although there is a part of her that isn’t entirely sure what that means for them. Jake has never made it clear to her what happened to send him down that path or what that has done to him. He has also never mentioned to her what he did in the six months they were apart, or why he came back – although certain parts of that have recently and messily come to light. He just assures her that he loves her and he’ll change for her and not everything that she hears about his tribe is true. Surely you can’t paint every person by the actions of a few?

He currently works for a company in the city, doing work which he claims is classified. As such he often has to leave for extended periods of time, from a few weeks to several months. He always comes back and he always lets Julia know. Whatever it is that he does pays amazingly well though, and he apparently has money to burn and access to all kinds of interesting things.

His relationship with Julia was initially revealed to the rest of the Storm Bringers and a select few other friends. It is now public knowledge after Julia’s non-death was revealed to the world and was one of the things held against her in her trial.

He got on well with Cal and Nahuel and has been introduced to Julia other friends with considerable success. The only person he does not get on with (despite his best efforts) is Annie, who has proved resistant to his charm offensive. He became aware that he is in fact the father of her metis some months ago, and through a very tense conversation they agreed to keep it a secret from Julia. Predictably, this did not go as planned and the reveal was made very messily at the pack’s Christmas meal.

Jake has a habit of turning up at Julia’s place whenever he feels like it. Sometimes it’s because he needs somewhere to stay, sometimes because he wants her to help him with something or sometimes because he just wants to. After so many years he knows exactly what to do to get her to let him in, and he always manages to find her wherever she runs to. As they have gotten older and Julia has become more accepting of her Garou nature, their relationship has actually become calmer and more stable. Although they have still had their ups and downs, for the most part they are very happy together.

Recently Jake has had something of a crisis of faith after being forced by his ‘employer’ to see the truth and weakness in his own heart. He is now in a difficult position – he is aware that he does genuinely love Julia, but also that soon he will be expected to fulfil his contract in a way that will likely end very badly for both of them. This is made even more difficult now that he knows she is also pregnant with his metis child.

Jake Cuorene

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