Julie Nicolai-Stevenson


Julie is the older sister of Vivian. She is happily married and recently gave birth to her first child, a son (Alfie Jackson Nicholai-Stevenson) named after her father and former alpha respectively. He is known to his family as Jack.

She is well loved by her family, being the ‘golden child’ with a successful life and career in biomechanics at GeneCo (the central hub for Glasswalkers in the city; Julie’s father owns the company, and Julie’s husband also works there). She is kind and thoughtful, looking out for her little sister in the face of their father’s less than subtle disappointment.

Julie used to be a Windrunner until her alpha was killed by a vengeful druid. Since then she and her packmate Kate have been merged into the Moon Howlers pack. She has not moved into their territory like most Garou would, as she owns her house and has recently had a child so is not in a position to easily go.

Julie supports her sister’s relationship with Cal and mostly finds it endearing, if sometimes concerning for her sister’s happiness due to Cal’s reputation for being hotheaded and erratic.

Her relationship with the Storm Bringers is largely positive and she has helped them out on several occasions.

Julie is currently on maternity leave from work and not especially active in her pack. She expects to be back in the action fairly soon again, however.

Julie Nicolai-Stevenson

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