Kate came to the city and joined the Windrunner pack about six months before the Storm Bringers were formed. She trained with Stalks-the-Ice and they had a four month affair before he broke up with her to chase Julia. She did not take this well and challenged Julia to a duel, which she lost. She then retreated to figuratively lick her wounds.

She is friends with Cheryl Sanders. She briefly pursued a relationship with James (Kinfolk) as of NYE, but it ended amicably and she is currently single.

She lost her alpha to the druid and joined the Storm Bringers and Asphalt Hunters to take the woman down. She has since been transferred with Julie to the Moon Howlers pack.

Kate likes Anouk and Cal. She did not have a good relationship with Julia for obvious reasons, although she does accept her loss and have grudging respect for the other woman. They have begin to build a tentative friendship as of Beltane.

Recently she has been training with the twins to improve her combat prowess. Kate works at Planned Parenthood.


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