Kinfolk Hoard

Cal's Kinfolk


James Hennisey – works in telemarketing, nice guy, briefly dated Kate, friends with Trev and Daniel

Michael Delauncy -

Sarah Mitchell – stunt-car driver, little bit gossipy, good friends with Vivian

Daniel Armstrong – Professional Drummer, has been single for a year

Darcy Aiello – care worker at Child of Gaia metis sanctuary, flirted with Nahuel but did not get anywhere, does not believe in fate

Vivian Nicolai – see character page

Loren Holmwood – Gunsmith, has some implied history with Trev

Sheridan Baumann – Male teacher, plays bass, in a relationship with Janet, a member of the Moon Howlers pack, just moved in with her

Beverly Nye – Works at the Fish and Wildlife department and is directly in charge of the wolf program. Looks after the wolf kinfolk

Trev Massey – horndog fratboy who can be charming when he wants to, has a football scholarship at state, likes Anouk and Julia and is hoping Cal will help him out

Kinfolk Hoard

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