Elder Diplomat


Leaf-on-the-Wind is one of the 3 elders of the local sept. He likes to call himself a diplomat, but in truth he is more akin to a spymaster – there are very few secrets that he does not know, in the city and beyond.

After the Storm Bringers thwarted the plot to destroy the Caern, Leaf-on-the-Wind took the perpetrator, Swift-as-the-Northern-Wind, to his basement / torture dungeon, where he kept him and tried to extract information. He didn’t extract much… that he shared, at least.

Leaf-on-the-Wind enjoys pushing people’s buttons, and has taken special interest in Julia, because while she intensely despises him she is trying to not be affected by his jabs, which he sees as a challenge. She lost some of her entertainment value when she decided to blackmail him into not putting Cal on trial. They have not interacted for a long time, as she actively avoids him. He initially found it disappointing but has since focused elsewhere unless an opportunity presents itself.

Cal was previously indebted to Leaf-on-the-Wind on account of having broken into his basement and freed Swift-as-the-Northern-Wind, and stolen a set of silver chains. The chains have since been returned and although Swift-as-the-Northern-Wind was killed rather than returned to Leaf-on-the-Wind, the debt is now cleared on account of Julia blackmailing Leaf-on-the-Wind. Leaf has previously said that he respects Cal, since he is hard to predict – whether this respect remains after the Swift incident is unknown. His bargain with Cal is void as of the Invigilator visit. He also has not seen Cal since then, which disappoints him. But of course, if an opportunity presents itself…

He appears to be largely indifferent towards the other two Storm Bringers, although it has not escaped his notice that they are the ones who are sent to interact with him. He is waiting for the opportune moment to use the knowledge of Annie’s metis child – how and for what is not clear.

He was not in favour of the pack ascending to third rank.

He does not approve of the recent influx of Silver Fangs into the city, especially disliking Nicholas. There has likely been a considerable amount of plotting and information gathering behind the scenes, although nobody would ever be able to notice anything different.


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