Lora Cross


Lora was youngest of the pack and the second newest member after Benjamin. She grew up in a rich household – her mother was werewolf and father was a kinfolk. They both knew what she was, but for some reason didn’t tell her.

She was chosen for the Get of Fenris after her first Change and never knew she had a choice in her tribe. She was deeply unhappy with both werewolf society, the tribe she was in and her pack.

She met Deucalion and established a romantic relationship with him a year in. After a year and a half he convinced her to kill her pack to join his. He played the rest of her pack in exactly the right way to make them distrust her, and her them, and then made her kill them. By the end of it, she was stockholm-syndromed to shit and genuinely believed that it was the right choice.

Lora believed that her and Deucalion’s actions were good and that by killing packmates they gained the power to do greater good in the world than they could have before – by becoming a monster she would be better able to fight the true monsters. She wanted to uplift Julia as she thought that the other woman had a similar worldview.

After being exposed to Deucalion’s true nature by Julia and having a mysterious conversation with Gabriella, she confronted him in a cafe. He took her out into a back alley and murdered her.

Lora Cross

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