Lorraine Callaghan


Lorraine ‘Lori’ Callahan is average height, with medium length red hair, freckles and a wicked smile. Her front teeth are slightly crooked.


Lori was born in one of the central cities. She is Fianna kinfolk and has spent most of her life involved with the tribe. As such she is very familiar with the werewolf world and everything that comes with it.

She is fun-loving and free spirited. She travels from city to city, couch hopping and making music through busking or more professional work if the mood takes her. She plays several different instruments and occasionally does session work. She doesn’t take life too seriously, preferring to have fun and enjoy herself.

She encountered Nahuel at the Beltane celebration and they had a fling that ended after a month when she left the city again. She returned to the city recently, heavily pregnant with a child that is likely his. She is due early January and intends to give the child up to the Fianna elders to raise, having no interest in being a mother. Nahuel still has her record collection.

Lorraine Callaghan

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