Nicholas Serebrotrava


Nicholas is Julia’s biological father. He is a Silver Fang elder and largely resides in the Russian homeland of his tribe as part of the council and court.

He was born in America to a Russian garou father and an American mother during the Cold war era. Shortly after his birth, it was decided by the Silver Fang elders that such a purebreed child should be brought back to the fatherland to be raised and educated, as was tradition. His mother remained in America, his father went with him. As a result, he spent much of his childhood being ferried between the two countries, no mean feat in the time period. He has also spent extensive time in the Silver Fang Umbral homeland learning about his duties to the tribe and his future.

He met Kioni on a trip back to see his family when he was nineteen. He was still young and somewhat sheltered, and she was mysterious and beautiful and seemed to know things beyond her years. She was the one great love of his life, although he would not know that at the time. She never explained to him how it was that a kinfolk of African descent came to have such strong levels of Silver Fang purebreed, not that it mattered to him then. They were young, they were in love and he knew that they would do great things together for their tribe and the Garou nation.

It lasted a little less than a year before he had to return to the homelands on tribal business. After that, it seemed that one thing after another endlessly came up to keep them apart. Her letters gradually petered out over six months, and a few months after the last one he discovered that she had died. The elders refused to tell him the circumstances or let him go back for the funeral. It was a devastating blow to the young man. He threw himself into his work and duty to the tribe once more, and did not return to America for over two decades.

Nicholas is a proud and dutiful man, committed to his tribe and their ideals. He rose through the ranks quickly – in part due to his bloodline, in part due to his deeds. He is a member of the council of advisors to the current king and takes his role seriously, believing strongly in the right of the Silver Fangs to lead the Garou nation and their duty to unite the tribes under their rule.

Discovering Julia’s existence was a considerable shock to him. He did not know that much about her, but hoped to rectify that during his trip back to America. Their relationship has been difficult, with neither of them having much understanding or patience for the other’s viewpoint and way of life. He is very conflicted about how to deal with her in his capacity as an elder and as a father. Her existence and the things she has told him make things… complicated.

Recently Nicholas has been focusing on the influx of Silver Fangs in the city. He still has weekly meetings with his daughter to teach her more about her tribe and duties, although those have been increasingly short of late. They have been trying to build a better relationship with limited success. She makes him question the decisions his elders have made regarding her and this city, which makes him conflicted.

Nicholas is afflicted by ‘madness’ as all Silver Fangs are. Although it does not affect him too often, it has become more frequent of late. He often finds himself seeing those who are insufficiently purebreed as horrifying corrupted monsters.

Nicholas Serebrotrava

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