No-Sun was part of the Kinslayers pack. He was a very talented Theurge with the ability to summon and control powerful spirits and view other people’s dreams. He could also apparently see the aura/strands of fate on other people.

He was a metis child who was born during a solar eclipse and horribly abused by his parents. He was saved by Nerzuul. His own anger and mental instability played a part in fuelling his alpha’s rage and hatred.

It was his idea to get the Outsider tattoo placed on Swift’s back. It has never been made clear how the Kinslayers came to be in that position, and No-Sun can no longer provide that information.

He died at the hands of Anouk (Annie) after ignoring her warnings not to attack her.

Recent evidence suggested that somehow he was in fact alive, having been seen in Third city enquiring about runic tattoos. This proved to be false however, with another minion of the Outsider simply wearing his face.


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