Olga Wójcik


Olga is in her late forties. She has short brown hair. She is rarely seen without a cigarette, even though she tries not to smoke in public.


Olga runs a homeless shelter in Third city. She is an intelligent and capable woman, struggling with what limited resources are available to her and the prejudices of those higher up the chain. She does her best to keep her temper, although it doesn’t always succeed. For the most part she is quite level-headed and sensible in tough situations.

Olga is well respected among the Bone Gnawers. She is often a point of contact for many of them and lots of them have either worked for her or used the facilities she provides.

She has been employing Julia of late in her kitchen. It is not clear yet whether she likes the young woman, although she does seem to have a small amount of respect for a Silver Fang willing to muck in with the common folk.

She has interacted with the other Storm Bringers when they helped the Bone Gnawers clear out a corrupted Wyld infestation in the sewers. Although the initial meeting was not especially positive, after they proved themselves she is grateful to the pack. It is rare for people to willingly offer aid to a Bone Gnawer, especially for nothing in return.

Olga Wójcik

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