Current alpha of the Asphalt hunters pack


Raven worked at a record store, although she recently quit her job and is looking to go into tutoring. She loves music and plays several instruments, although her favourite is the guitar. She is a Galliard and well liked by her pack and the local Garou community. She is very friendly and open – possibly a little too much, as her actions can be misinterpreted as flirtatious.

She was in a relationship with Catherine Hennings for ten months, which everyone knew about despite her best efforts to keep it a secret. Catherine broke up with her on Valentine’s Day.

She is friends with Cal, although that friendship was tested and put under strain when the Kinslayers invaded her home and Cal almost killed her under wyrm possession. They attempted to tentatively rebuild their friendship with mixed success, although she isn’t a huge fan at the moment and they aren’t close.

She is very good friends with Julia and they regularly hang out and go to lunch together.

She is in a romantic relationship with Anouk as of Beltane, although they took things slowly due to Annie’s uncertainty about this whole ‘human dating scene’ and the lack of clarity around whether their relationship is technically Litany breaking. She has met and gets on very well with Annie’s daughter Sura.


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