Nocker Fae


Rosalie is a little on the short side. She is about average weight. Her short, white hair is perpetually messy despite her efforts with a brush and pins. She has large, round, light purple eyes, a small nose, freckles, and, possibly most noticeable, wings.

Her wings are large, blue butterfly wings. If you had to take a guess, they seem to be like those of a blue morpho butterfly.


Her outfits mostly consist of overalls that are covered in paint and clay. She does have a nice dress or two, but she always covers them with an apron in order to keep herself from getting them too dirty.


Rosalie is a sculptor mostly. She loves the feeling of wet clay between her fingers and feels at home in front of a pottery wheel. On occasion she does dabble with painting though, especially if she feels like it would better her pottery creations.

Her parents were both members of the Queens’ court when she was younger. Her mother was an internal designer and helped decorate the castle. She was also a gifted wood carver and made most of the furniture herself. Her father was a brilliant painter. He was on commission to do all of the royal portraits.

Now that her parents were gone she was still a part of the Queens’ court and makes beautiful vases, plates, and other decorate clay things.

Most recently, the Queens have tasked her to be fairy god mother to a werewolf metis child.


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