Rosemary Parker


Rosemary is 38 and a single mother. She was born in a small central American town and moved to the city when she was eighteen with the man who would become her husband. She has been working for most of her life in a variety of secretarial roles. She sometimes regrets not pushing harder to climb the career ladder, but something else has always gotten in the way.

She was married until four years ago, when her husband passed away from a long term illness. She has a son, Arthur, who is seven and suffers the same condition as his father did. He has deteriorated over the last year and she spends most of her time not working at the hospital with him.

Rosemary is professional and highly capable, being entirely focused on her work and her son. She currently works full time as a PA at Pentex for Jake. She does not enjoy the job, but the money is much too good for her to be able to afford to leave, especially with the high cost of her son’s medical bills. Recently he has been getting worse, leaving her more worried and under-slept than ever.

Rosemary has become good friends with Richard after meeting him through the same trial her son is on. She has only recently become aware that Julia is his adopted daughter, but has known for some time who the Storm Bringers are through her work information.

Rosemary Parker

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