Scales of Justice


Philodox and Alpha of the Invigilators pack.

Scales of Justice is a renowned Philodox, famous across the world, and is often called in to settle high-profile disputes.

She is very strict and no-nonsense, taking her duties very seriously and refusing to let personal feelings get mixed in. She respects logic, reason, and decisiveness, and despises stalling.

After the Storm Bringers’ evaluation, she remained the City to further educate Julia in the ways of the Philodox. Their lessons are brief and to the point.

In the wake of the influx of Silver Fangs into First City following the lifting of the spiritual ban, she has been working closely with them and the elders to ensure a smooth integration.

Scales has a terrible event in her past that she had thought nobody knew about. It is not clear what happened or her role in it, but it is clearly terrible enough that she wishes it erased from history and that it can be used to blackmail a philodox presumed untouchable.

Scales of Justice

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