Sophie Walters


Sophie is a recently ‘awakened’ mage who is not too thrilled with the brave new world she’s found herself part of. She does not want to be a mage and actively avoids having to cast anything. She does not consider herself to be a hero or even an especially good person, but when asked to step up to the plate she has proven she will do the right thing.

She is something of an alcoholic in an attempt to drown out this new side. It doesn’t seem to be working – it makes her unexpected magical bursts less frequent, but they’re worse when they do happen. Recently she did try to get in control of things a bit more on her own, but it was unsuccessful. She does not know any other mages and stubbornly refuses to reach out to anyone else in the supernatural community for help. She puts on the appearance of things being fine, but she isn’t in the best place.

She is friends with Julia, having become an unintentional ‘project’ of sorts after she helped the Storm Bringers in their altercation with the Outsider. She does not quite know what to make of the other woman and her persistent efforts – on the one hand she doesn’t want to be part of this world, on the other it is nice to have a friend. By extension she is also tentative friends with Raven.

Sophie met the Stormbringers through Jake. She didn’t initially have any ill-will towards him when they first met, but now does not like him as she is convinced he is trying to recruit her for something.

Sophie went through a period of drinking more heavily after her solo attempts to control her magic failed. She is often quite lonely, as Julia has been busy and she doesn’t have any other friends. However, this has taken a small turn for the better after being forced by her friend to come into the outside world, where she was introduced to Nerzuul. They have since begin to develop a tentative friendship that could lead to romance if either of them made a move.

Sophie Walters

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