Human name: Johnny


Stalks-the-Ice is a skilled swordsman and capable lock-picker. It is not clear yet what he did to earn his deed name. He is a kind and intelligent man who lives and works in the city. He is unusually serious for a Fianna Ragabash, but it takes all sorts to make a tribe.

He has a tendency to end up in relationships with his students and had a four month affair with Kate before breaking up with her after the celebration party for the formation of the Storm Bringers. It is not a secret in the community that he has this tendency, although nobody else knew about him and Kate before they broke up.

He was in love with Julia. In the aftermath of Beltane when he discovered she had a mate, he confessed to her and was rejected. He then retreated to heal his broken heart. They are on speaking terms, although they do not spend time together socially.

He did not initially get on with Cal after being accused of disrespecting Julia by going easy in his training of her. Some of it was just primal wolf-feeling, some of it was jealousy, most of it was Cal’s unsubtle hostility. They have built a better relationship of sorts after Cal apologised and Stalks was rejected, although they are not close.

He gets on well with Nahuel after helping to teach him lock-picking. They sometimes spend time together, being fond of scouting and stealth.

He was apparently friends with Jackson and joined the Storm Bringers in avenging the death.

Recently Stalks has been more focused on his role in the werewolf community, helping out in the sept and taking on more responsibilities there. He has also been helping others in the wider city when needed, especially in these trying times as the Garou numbers continue to dwindle. He has become quite driven and focused, looking to do his duty to his people rather than make friends.


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