Sura (Flynn )

Daughter of Annie, Albino


Currently Sura has not had her first change and has only been seen in her Crinos form. She was born with Albinism and is consequentially pale all over. She does not have red eyes; they are a more pale grey.

DOB: Sura turned two in late March.


Sura was born roughly 2 years ago with her whole pack onlooking. Her mother was the alpha of their pack so her birth was a kind of big deal, which was rather unfortunate for the both of them since her birth was a little messy.

Her mother was a werewolf who didn’t know it and her father was also a werewolf. She has never met her father so she doesn’t know if he knew about her mother, but she likes to think that he didn’t know.

It is against the rules for two werewolves to procreate. That rule is in place in order to protect against people like her from coming into the world.


Because her mother’s pack was a wolf pack, they were unaccustomed to a wolf turning into a horrifying creature while giving birth to another horrifying creature. So, she and her mother were forced to leave.

They spent the first part of her childhood alone in a cave deep in the forest. One day a man named Andrew Flynn came and gave them another option. He promised to help her mother learn about what they both were in order to survive in the society that thought the worst of Metis a little better. The only catch was the they needed to be separated for a while until her mother was ready to enter werewolf society.

Sura lives in a group home for Metis children run by Kinfolk of the werewolves. The little cottage is secluded enough to where the children didn’t have to hide and they can learn to control their emotions and tame their power. Sura is visited often by Andrew Flynn. He brings her presents and generally dotes on her, so his visits excite her. Very recently her mother has been able to visit her in the daycare with her ‘pack’ and she has begun visiting her mother at her home in the city.

Besides being constantly in Crinos form, she behaves like a normal toddler. She is apparently not, however, having demonstrated that due to the unclear circumstances of her birth she has the power to injure and constrain ‘True’ fae. This was demonstrated when the Outsider, having visited her frequently in dreams in an attempt to establish trust, tried to take her to free his people. She has since realised that he was not a nice man after all.

Sura (Flynn )

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