Human name: Rob.


He was part of the Kinslayers pack, before leaving to join the Asphalt Hunters so that he could destroy the Caern. He was caught by the Storm Bringers and prevented from destroying the Caern. The next month was spent in Leaf-on-the-Wind’s torture basement before being freed by Cal.

Swift had the Outsider tattoo on his back, which allowed him to blend in anywhere, change his face and erase memories until it is revealed. It is unknown whether seeing the tattoo permanently undoes its powers. It is also unknown who gave him this tattoo and convinced him to help destroy a Caern.

He was interested in Anouk (Annie) after she flirted with him several times and healed him in the torture chamber.

He returned to the city for reasons unclear in January. He claimed that the Outsider was in the city and he was seeking the entity out, although this could be untrue. He was killed by Julia after the Storm Bringers recaptured him and he asked for death.


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