Incorrigible explorer


Swizzlesticks is the Crown Prince of Faerie. His real name is currently only known by Julia.

He is young, mischievous and trouble seems to follow him around – as a result he is almost permanently grounded by his mothers, although that doesn’t ever seem to stop him from breaking out and doing what he wants. He frequently wanders about in Arcadia and the Umbra, and as of late has spent time in the human world with the Storm Bringers.

He likes to party and have fun and has a very short attention span .He also likes to break rules, although he isn’t always prepared to deal with the consequences, choosing to hide instead. He was instrumental in helping heal the Caern, although he caused some issues along the way with bad advice.

He had a crush on Julia, although he has since gotten over it and they are now good friends.

He initially did not get on well with Cal due to the other’s aggression, but they have buried the past and moved past it.

He likes Anouk (Annie) and Nahuel. He helped look after Sura when Annie had to temporarily leave her daughter in Arcadia for her own protection.

He finds Fianna reverence and curiosity towards him to be very entertaining. He likes turning up when the Storm Bringers invite him to parties, as it gets him out of the castle and he can cause mischief somewhere else.

He has been more worried and well behaved recently, with the increasing encroachment of the forest onto Arcadian lands. His trips out are rarer and rarer, partly because he is still perpetually grounded, and partly because he know that it genuinely is dangerous for him to leave.


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