Two Bears is a pretty cool guy. He lives in the forest by himself as a hermit. He appears to be some sort of Gurahl theurge.

He is generally avoided by the werewolf community, due to a long standing grudge between their two kinds. The Storm Bringers don’t seem to be aware/bothered by this and visit him regularly to chat and bring him food. He is always polite and helpful and seems to be fond of them.

He sees Anouk (Annie) and Julia very regularly, as they make a point of visiting him on the morning run at least a few times a week.

Julia has been training with him recently as well and he is currently helping her to guard the Nemeton. He has been instrumental in helping her work on the ritual she has created and provided support should it go wrong.

He is also on good terms with Nahuel, having helped him understand a bit more of his Ragabash nature.


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