I can never read that guy...


In a relationship with Fiona. He came to the city with the Kinslayers to help his alpha kill Nahuel, but was persuaded that it was not the right course of action. He left the city with Fiona and has not been back since.

In his past he was the runt of his pack and bullied by his alpha, until Nerzuul ‘freed’ him. He is intelligent and a highly capable scout.

Victor is friends with Julia, having given her a means to contact him should she need to.

He does not get on with Cal after he was captured and threatened despite the promise of safety. To be more accurate, he thinks very little of Cal and has no respect for him.

He currently resides in third city on the East coast with Fiona. He was helping Julia keep an eye on the situation with his former packmate No-Sun. He contacted her after discovering that No-Sun appeared to be alive and present in Third City. Since then he has been working with the Sept there to help try to understand the Outsider more and atone for something he worries he may have been part of.


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