Vivian Nicolai


Vivian is in her early twenties. She has long brown hair, brown eyes and a round face. She is fairly plain, although she has a lovely smile when it does make an appearance.

She lacks self-confidence and tends to hunch over a little to make herself smaller. She also tends to wear clothes that hide her shape, dressing for comfort rather than appearance. She is rarely seen without her favourite green coat.


Vivian is the younger sister of Julie. She has a fairly large inferiority complex, largely due to an overbearing Garou father and spending her childhood living in her sister’s shadow. Her mother died when she was nine of an unspecified illness.

She works at a data management company downtown, having refused to work at the family business in a rare display of confidence when she was younger. She recently got a promotion to an assistant management role. She currently lives in a little flat in the city with only a pet hamster for company. Her bedroom is extremely frilly, having not seen any company for… ever. It’s become considerably less frilly and much more well used in recent months as her relationship with Cal has progressed.

She is in love with Cal. They have had ongoing issues as a result of his personal problems, but at the moment they are actively pursuing a relationship. She has not yet met his mother.

She has a positive relationship with Julia and the two of them have been shopping together to rectify Vivian’s wardrobe issues. She does not know the other members of the Storm Bringers well, finding them a bit intimidating and ‘wolfy’. Nevertheless, she is trying her best.

Vivian likes romance novels, animated movies and teddy bears. She is good friends with Sarah, although they have had a falling out recently. She has mild lactose issues and dust allergies.

Vivian Nicolai

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