Tooth and Claw

Within a mile of home

He sat near the edge of the cearn and watched his pups play. His mind had been occupied by little else over the past few days. The end of the world, the imminent threat of death, the loss of all sense of safety and security for the future. All of it could go hang. He was a father. Cal was a father. He had two perfect pups to take care of. The little silver furred male played with the others pups, his antlers just starting to peak through his fur. A blessing from the stag no doubt. The female was not far from her brother as she played. They were very close, with the male being very protective of his sister. It was sweet to watch them together. The female’s lack of sight did not seem to hinder her too much. She could identify others by scent and find her way around by touch. They were still nervous around Cal but the more time he spent around, the more they relaxed. Hopefully soon they would come to recognise him as their father.

What type of a future would they be left. In a world gone to shit they we’re the only thing left that brought him hope. His fiancée had been kidnapped. His first love had spurned him. He was surrounded by elders who, even though they’re days were numbered still insisted on pointless titles and positions of authority. The whole world was crashing down around them and, as had been demonstrated time and again, he was just a small cog in a great engine of Armageddon set to motion.

True fae, mages, elders, fae queens, a Garou queen, armies, generals, global warfare. The end of days really did have a way of being over dramatic. Allies, enemies, forces arrayed and arrayed. Strategies planned, tactics tutored. Shock, Back hand blow, defence in depth, elastic defence, encirclement, all planned to the smallest detail by leaders playing with their figures on a map. Gaols chosen carefully and prioritised.

Only one thing matter to Cal. The outsider had to be stopped, by ritual, by blood, by annihilation, whatever the cost.

The others plan was sound in principle but it never hurt to have a backup. Their problem was they spent their whole lives thinking there were rules. There aren’t. It’s a red tide this life of ours, even at the end.

There’s an old adage when it comes to those who hold power over you. “Give them what they want, then take what you want. Nobody is more vulnerable than in their moment of victory, and know that whatever you do they will never let you go while they live.”

I only want to hurt you and what I want I get.

He smiled to himself as he watched his children play. Soon this would all be over and finally, at long last, he could have a little peace.



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