Pack Tactics

Circle: Packmates required: 3. This manoeuvre is usually used to interrogate or intimidate an opponent but can also be used to make attacking easier. The pack surrounds the opponent, trapping him within a tight circle. If he tries to break free, the nearest character snaps at him, but not necessarily to injure him. Each player must perform a Dexterity + Athletics roll at difficulty 8 for their character to prevent the opponent breaking free or to deceive them into not knowing where the attack is coming from. If successful the attack DC is reduced by 2. (Practiced)

Slice ‘n’ Dice: Packmates required: 3. The characters attack their opponent with surgical precision, and slicing at him from different angles and with different body parts in mind. This increases the Dexterity + Athletics roll difficulty for the opponent by 1 per successful attack. The dodge difficulty cannot be raised above 10, but the target must somehow get free of the pack before the difficulty returns to normal. This manoeuvre requires the target to be surrounded by the pack

Savage: Packmates required: 3. Also called a “dogpile”, this attack requires at least three packmates. This tactic involves one werewolf hurling herself at an opponent to knock him to the ground, whereupon the rest of the pack rushes him in Lupus or Hispo form to bite him while he’s down; the first Garou executes a body tackle or sweep attack as usual. Then, his packmates surround the fallen foe and bite whatever part of him they can reach. Opponents who are not killed outright must roll Strength + Athletics (difficulty 4 + 1 for each Garou involved, maximum 10) to stand up.

Knockout: Packmates required: 3. This manoeuvre is designed to silently remove individuals or to restrain a particularly challenging foe. Two members of the pack roll Strength + Brawl difficulty 6, contested against the opponent’s Strength + Brawl DC 6. The third Packmate rolls Intelligence and medicine to knock out the target (can additionally roll Dexterity + Stealth to do so silently). Difficulty is 7, and success requires a minimum of 5 successes minus the difference between the restrainers’ successes and the victims (minimum 1). The target can resist less if it is better restrained and indeed, tires itself in the struggle.

Thunder and flash: Packmates required: 4. Designed to break up groups of enemies to makes them easier to attack. One packmate forces their way into the centre of the enemy group (receiving automatic attacks from each enemy he passes) and then performs a debilitating action e.g. clap of thunder, a flash bang etc. The roll made in this instance is based upon the action taken. The remaining pack members perform tackle actions to divide the disoriented opponents. Success by the first packmate made to disrupt the targets decreases the difficulty of the tackles by 2. Once the opponents are separated they are considered flanked until they reposition

Ensnare: Packmates required: 2 min. Designed to make it easier to attack on opponent. One packmate restrains the target (Strength + Brawl DC 8, contested (DC 6 for opponent)) to make it easier for others to attack (DC 4 if restraint is successful)

Sweep: Packmates required: 2. Designed to trip and restrain and enemy. Can be used on the unsuspecting. One packmate makes a Dex + Brawl attack to push the target while the other Packmates rolls Dexterity + Brawl to trip/sweep the opponent’s feet out from under them. If both actions are successful, subsequent restraint rolls DC’s are lowered by 2

Trade Off: Packmates required: 2 or more. Designed to make it easier to follow at target. +1 DC to rolls to follow the target due to trading places but other packmates can take over and follow in their stead. The constant changing of pursuers makes it extremely difficult for the target to notice that they are being shadowed. Target will require (1 + 1 per participating packmate) successes to notice. (Practiced)

Long Running: Packmates required: 2 or more. One packmate runs ahead making sure the way is clear thus allowing those behind to run harder without worrying about their surroundings. +1 DC to outrunners running rolls as they pull ahead of the others. -1 DC to those that follow on as they disregard their surrounding and focus on running. This task can be traded out. The Storyteller may still require a successful Perception roll for the Outrunner to notice & report all necessary details.

Onslaught: Packmates required: 2 min. Designed for tracking, hunting etc. The packmate with the highest Perception + Survival rolls the tracking roll for all present as they take the lead on the tracking. They receive +1 dice for each packmate present as they add to the efforts of the leader. The leader effectively guides the pack in the tracking, organising the others movements and actions while the others provided a wider search area to acquire information for the leader to use.

Pack Tactics

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