If you go out in the woods tonight,
you wont believe your eyes
If you go out in the woods tonight,
you’re in for a big surprise

If you go out in the woods tonight,
you’d better not go alone
Don’t go out in the woods tonight;
it’s safer to stay at home

- Jimmy Kennedy Daniels – The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

It is near the end of the twentieth century, and the world is a bad place to live in. Violence and pollution are at an all-time high. Horrors lurk behind every corner and in every shadow. The signs are clear – the world is going down the drain.

But there are some who refuse to give up. A warrior-race created to maintain the balance. The are half spirit and half flesh; Half animal and half man; Sacred guardians of peace with breathtaking anger management issues.
They will not sit down and watch the world end. They will not give Wyrm nor Weaver the satisfaction of seeing them fall.

They are the Werewolves, and they are cancelling the Apocalypse.

Tooth and Claw

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