Tooth and Claw

Anything left

Julia stood with her back to the door of the Caern, sword up as she watched the thing possessing Cal turn its head slowly to take them all in. Annie and Barks at the Moon were blocking its access to the tree and Nahuel was pacing on the other side of the clearing, growling frantically. They had the creature nearly surrounded – but when had that ever meant anything before? After all, the walls of a Caern seemed to mean very little to the Outsider.

She wanted to ask how this had happened, but it seemed fairly obvious. She wanted to ask why Cal, but that seemed even more obvious. That damned tattoo, the one they had promised her was dormant and had fulfilled its function, that they didn’t need to worry about even as the pack tore itself apart with fear and mistrust. Every time they let something slide to deal with later, it always came back to bite them.

She wanted to kill it, but she didn’t want to kill her packmate as well – hence why she was using the sword Cal had made for her instead of a silver weapon. This would do injury, enough to restrain without long-term crippling him. Even after everything he’d done, everything he’d brought on them, she couldn’t bring herself to accept the possibility that she might have to kill Cal.

Perhaps they could try to exorcise it, but what could that do to him? What if it ripped out Cal as well as the beast? But they had to do something. They couldn’t just let it stay here in his body, near the Caern. Cal was hideously strong, stronger and deadlier now than when he had first attacked her, first almost killed her. Just because he might not want to use those weapons against his packmates and the others in the sept, it didn’t mean this… minion, servant of a horrifying master, would have any qualms about doing so. They had to do something. She motioned to Annie as it spoke, trying to catch the other woman’s attention, hoping she would understand. She was determined to at least try something to save Cal.

And a part of her was afraid that perhaps he was already dead, that the reason this thing was now inside and controlling his body was because there simply was no Cal left.



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