Tooth and Claw

Awkward Phone calls

Cal hung up the phone.

That’s Caleb warned. He’ll get together the kinfolk and we’ll make sure they know what’s going on. We’ll keep them safe and make sure nobody else gets hurt. He was not comforted by his own plans. There was too much they still didn’t know about who was carrying out the murders and why they were committing them at all.

They had managed to work out that the Human kinfolk were the only ones at risk but he still couldn’t shake the uneasy from his mind. He had only just met his father and his younger half siblings but Cal was concerned for their safety. He glanced out of the kitchen door to make sure no-one was around before he lifted the phone again and dialled his mother’s number.

“Mother, its Cal.”

“Cal, what wrong? Is this about the other night?” Concern was in her voice right from the start. He never rang unless something was wrong, normally he just turned up to visit.

“No mother, it’s not about that, and I will explain what was happening, but right now I’m calling about father.” There was a pause on the other end of the line

“What about him?”

“I think he may be in danger. There’s someone out there who is murdering Kinfolk and I’m worried he may go after father and some of his pack.”

“How likely is this to happen?”

“I… not very, but I’m still worried. I need to stay here and deal with this, but, I don’t know I thought I’d better let you know in case something happened.” A tense silence held the air between them.

“Cal, do you need help? The last time something like this happened it went south fast.”

“What? No it didn’t, it happened in the outskirts of the city.” He heard a sigh down the phone line.

“I mean things went badly. Do you need help?”

“We’ve got things covered, I think, but I was wondering if you-“

“Cal don’t even ask, there’s no point. Your father is stubborn and there’s no way he will accept protection. You said it yourself, it’s not very likely he’ll be attacked anyway. He has a large pack to protect him and I don’t exactly have the time right now.”

“Ok Mother, I just….”

“I know, now, tell me about this murderer.”

“There’s… it’s difficult. It leaves no tracks or scent.”



“Have you spoken to the elders?”

“We have.”

“Good. They’ll help you if they can Cal.” Cal felt his throat go dry.

“I know. I’d better go mother, but I’ll let you know when this is all over.”

“Yes you will, and when it is you and I are going to sit down and talk about exactly what is going on with you. Understand pup?” He could hear the worry and annoyance in his mother’s voice. She never called him pup unless she was annoyed with him, old Lupus habits coming through.

“Yes mother.” He replied meekly.

“Good, take care of yourself. If you find yourself in too deep call Albrecht, ok. I know how you feel about him but he will help you if you need him to.”

“I… I’ll remember that.”

“Be safe son.” The click of the phone told him she’d gone. He set the phone down on the kitchen worktop. Cal turned and walked from the kitchen. SHIT!! ERIC!! He ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the phone, punching Eric’s number in.


“Eric, its Cal, listen there’s some stuff going down right now and I won’t be able to make Wednesday, the pack need me here with them right now.”

“Pack comes first Cal.”

“I know, but I thought I’d better call and let you know. I still want to do this, so, hold on to the stuff you’ve got and I’ll let you know when everything has died down. I’ve got your money for you as well.”

“You sure about this, like I said you can still back out.”

“No, it’s cool, I still want to go ahead, just, not yet.”

“Ok, let me know and look after your pack.”

“I will, take care Eric.”

Cal set the phone down. Ok, so, Caleb, Mother and Eric. That’s everyone. The next few days were very important, he had to make sure there was no lose ends. Lives were at risk.



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