Tooth and Claw

Battle forged

Cal enjoyed parties. He had never been to one before; he didn’t even really know what one was until now but he enjoyed it all the same. Today was another day of new experiences. To start with, he learned what the word experiences meant. From there he found out about tattoos, booze boxes and lamps. It had all been very entertaining. This whole business with the tattoo was strange. He had never heard of marking yourself before, he just assumed that Naheul always looked like that. He also didn’t get why someone would want to get a “bad” tattoo but each to their own. Eric had explained the whole thing to him and now the idea of a tattoo was very appealing. He just had to decide what type to get.

Packing boxes was not fun. He didn’t know why Julia had said it would be. It was almost as though she had wanted them to help with something but she wasn’t prepared to tell them what. The place did seem much tidier now that everything was packed away. The lamp was interesting.

Booze was a strange thing. It made everything go sideways but at the same time it made him feel great. He could arm wrestle and actual wrestle like nothing else. He had thrown 5 Crinos’ off himself like they were nothing and the best bit was that he was only Glabro. He had bellowed another challenge but no one had dared face him. The whole place knew not to screw with him. This made him feel powerful, like a warrior, and that felt right. He should be respected. The only mild side effect of the booze was that the constant shouting from Julia in his had seemed so much less important that fighting.

The others were off searching for who ever had the tattoo. He wondered how they were getting on. That was the plan at the start. To rip off shirts wrestling to see if they had tattoos. Nauhael had interfered though. He had over stepped the mark. He spoke down to Cal. Just the thought caused his blood to rise. Who the hell did he think he was? They were all talking down to him. Cal could feel himself sobering in the anger. He could hear Julia in his head

“Get over here NOW” They must have found out who had the mark. Now was his time to shine. He would show them he was to be respected not spoken to like a child. He strode out of the “arena” towards the tree determined to tear whoever was up there limb from limb. Battle was where reputations were forged. And his would be glorious.



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