Tooth and Claw


Nahuel was really angry. He itched for the taste of blood and the feeling of flesh ripped by his claws. And yet he waited.

The kill will come soon enough.

He had told himself that when he’d decided to wait by the entrance of the tunnel instead of going in with the others. He wanted to help Julia as much as anyone else, but he had to be patient if he was going to catch his prey. And they would pay when he did.

He channeled his inner spirit and felt a cold shudder as part of his Gnosis left him to form a Lupus image of himself.

Huh. This is the first time I’ve noticed the scars.

He sent the image along with his packmates, hoping to catch whoever was responsible off guard. If they thought they had successfully fled the pack then Nahuel lay in waiting for their throat.

Come ooooon.

Nahuel was getting even more impatient.

They were caught in a standoff, the druid pointing her silver at Julia’s throat and Cal pointing a gun at the druid. Or at least that was what Nahuel heard through the Thunderbird link. He told them that he could try to sneak behind her, but Cal and Annie both had a point. There was only one entrance and he would probably be detected.

I don’t think I can kill her before she slits Julia’s throat Cal said through Thunderbird.

FUCK me Cal! Nahuel thought to himself angrily.

Annie is now asking her if we can help kill the Garou who did this to her.

That’s a good plan Nahuel told everyone else, but secretly got even more angry. This was taking forever and this asshole had a knife at their alpha. Nahuel was stupid to leave them to take care of the situation.

If it was me I would have pounced by now.

Annie’s voice was heard through the Thunderbird link.

I don’t think she wants our help…

For Fuck’s sake guys!

I’m going in stealthily guys.

Nahuel ignored the voices in the link and slowly began pulsing his body to make himself more blurry, like a shadow. He stalked the corridor, getting closer to the scene of the standoff.

He saw the entrance and chose to go left, bypassing Jake and sticking to the shadows. He felt Annie’s calming energy work on the druid and the woman appeared to be more relaxed, letting her guard down. He wasn’t sure if his packmates spotted him but the druid didn’t.
That’s it. Be a good little fawn and focus on them.

He started turning around her when he thought he noticed the druid’s left eye twitch and turn.

Cal lunged at her.

Annie got ready to pounce.

There was the sound of a knife cutting through flesh and a faint whisper of pain.




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