Tooth and Claw

Burning Rage

Nahuel felt a flare of rage as he pounced on an empty cloak. He quickly turned his attention towards the tunnel and ran after the mystery person.

How the fuck did you do that?

His prey was elusive alright. Either they disappeared in midair or somehow teleported themselves away from danger. As he ran he tried sniffing them out, but there was no scent to follow.


He ran up the stairs with the perpetrator nowhere in sight. He looked at the possibilities of escaping.

Where the fuck are you, you son of bitch?

Nahuel let his rage take the best of him for a moment and then calmed himself down. He quickly made his way to the second floor and his eyes caught a glimpse of a figure running down the street.

I’ll never catch them.

If it is them!!

Nahuel thought about it for a second.

He had nothing to lose. He acted as if the person already left and prepared himself. There was a slim chance that whoever it was had used a decoy to distract Nahuel.
After waiting for a minute or so it didn’t seem so.

Defeated, Nahuel returned to Cal and Darcy, head still boiling by that druid who got away.
He sat in the temple, nursing some water that one of the kinfolk got for him. Everyone was happy to see Darcy back and they were particularly relieved. Nahuel’s thoughts however were too busy to relax.

What if this was a setup and the actual murder took place somewhere else?

Then I guess we will know with what kind of hunter we are dealing with.

But I have no idea how they managed to get away from me.

In Nahuel’s mind the scene reminded him of stories he heard or television he watched where magic was involved. Some sort of teleportation or maybe even shapeshifting to a small mammal.

He needed to learn more about this hunter if he was about to hunt them. What where they capable of? What should he expect and how should he stalk them?

Nahuel’s rage took over once more and he smashed the glass by accident.
Father Caleb rushed to him and Nahuel apologized for the spill. He cleaned it up, gathered the glass and picked some out of his hand as the wounds healed up. He caught a few kinfolk staring at him.

I suppose they are a bit like prey. Sometimes humans can be so defenseless that it’s sad.

Whatever was hunting the kinfolk sure had Nahuel’s undivided attention now. He wasn’t sure who to ask first but there was no way Nahuel would be unprepared next time.



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