Tooth and Claw

Eyes of Remembrance

Annie stared down at her child holding out a doll for her to play with, airplane forgotten and eager to return to the dollhouse game they were playing. She reached for the doll and retook her spot next to the toddler in front of the dollhouse. Sura happily played, occasionally looking up to Annie smiling. Her eyes were familiar in a way other than they were her daughter’s.

She thought back to the sewers and their unknown wolf protector. She had not seen Sura’s father since their one night together until that day in the sewers. It had been painful, seeing Sura’s eyes staring back at her in the dark and hating them. Since then, he had been occupying her mind, resurfacing unanswered questions. Strange dreams about him had even started to haunt her sleep with his eyes, her daughter’s eyes, staring back at her.

Sura smiled up at Annie again, breaking her thoughts about the father. She cupped Sura’s small face in her hands and kissed her nose before letting her return to the game. Even with everything that was going on, she loved Sura’s eyes. Her grey eyes were big, bright, and curious.

Just like Jake’s.

Her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach and her mind quickly flicked through all of the time she had seen him, to the sewers, to the dreams, and to Sura. Her heart fluttered, her breath quickened. Without entirely meaning to or knowing what she would do, Annie stood suddenly and turned towards the front door.

“Mommy?” Sura tugged at a sleeve and looked up to Annie, eyes full of concern.



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