Tooth and Claw


“I don’t know.”

Annie had no other answer for him. Before she had been able to put an actual person in the role of Sura’s father, hating had been easier. It had also been easier to forget, to push that hatred down and forget it was even there. Now, the hatred was still there but it no longer had a direction. It just existed at the bottom of her heart, festering.

She had assumed, after being introduced to werewolf lore, culture, and law, that whoever had found her in her weak state, had done it on purpose. She had assumed that his intention was to create a metis. It never crossed her mind that he too, may have been in a weak state. Especially now that she knew he was homid and prone to letting his emotions make decisions. Now, it crossed her mind.

She had never really liked Jake. She supposed it all made sense now as to why she felt uncomfortable around him. But she found it harder to believe that someone Julia loved so much would do something like this intentionally. So, now, she just hated him. There was no clear reason why. She just hated.

“I will leave your daughter alone if you don’t tell Julia.” His eyes, Sura’s eyes, were intense and mildly malicious. Annie bristled at the threat and felt and itch under her nails begging her to shift. She knew he was more than a match for her and ignored the itch.

“I don’t take threats well.” Annie said making herself look as big and tall as she possibly could.

“And I don’t make them unless I feel it necessary.” His eyes narrowed and he towered over her. “I love Julia too much to break her heart.”

Annie wondered if there was ever a need great enough to threaten a toddler. Especially one that was your own blood even if you had no interest in raising it. Her mixed emotions only got worse as the fleeting thought that maybe he had not done this on purpose left. More importantly, she wondered if Julia knew who he really was.

Maybe hating him might prove easy after all.



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