Tooth and Claw

Heading for the city

Late Saturday afternoon

She checked her bag and coat again to make sure she had everything. It was almost four and the sun was already low in the sky. Her keys sat in her pocket, her wallet was in her bag and a few other bits were rattling around in there as well. Julia didn’t have everything she normally carried with her since she was heading out alone right now, and it felt strangely light.

The silver knife was nestled in a sheath in the side pocket of her bag. She wasn’t entirely sure why she still kept it. Swift was dead now, so it wasn’t like she could say she was keeping it for vengeance. Perhaps it was to try and remember his mistakes, to remind her of the path he walked. Perhaps it was guilt, to remember her failure to save him. It seemed a little foolish to carry a weapon around that was specifically designed to hurt her. Then again, it could hurt other werewolves too and how was it any different from a gun in that regard?

She was still on edge. It had been two days since her pack had saved Darcy. She had spent yesterday frantically checking in with everyone she could, scouring the news for anything and finding nothing wrong. She trusted that Catherine would contact them if the police turned anything up and there had been no call. No other body had turned up yet and every known kinfolk was accounted for. It was probably too soon, but she was starting to think that Darcy had been the third victim and they’d stopped it. She couldn’t entirely believe that maybe they had succeeded. It seemed too easy.

After saving Darcy had demonstrated that there was a pattern, the rest of the community had been much more inclined to listen. The Kinfolk had been grateful and the web connecting everyone was still functioning yesterday and today, just to make sure. The Garou community was working together right now, as much as was really possibly for such a diverse group. Ideally that meant that the perpetrator would be caught by more experienced wolves.

They had also had something to go on, more than just two mutilated corpses and a few hunches boosted by an absence of evidence of the killer’s passing. Something was more than nothing, even if all paths seemed to lead to empty air. People had returned to the scene of the prevented ritual the next day to check it out, although there hadn’t been anything of use that she had heard about. It helped that Darcy could also testify about what had happened, even if she hadn’t seen whoever had captured her. She was being tested right to see what drugs the killer had used and possibly find something useful hidden in her mind or on her body. The pack also had a cape hanging in their hallway that had belonged to whoever it was. It of course smelled of nothing and had no trace of its owner that she could find, but it was a start. It creeped Julia out a bit and she resolved to pass it on to the elders tomorrow morning to see if they could do anything with it.

Of course, it wasn’t perfect. Whoever had been doing this was still out there. It was too close to the last killing and the last attack for them to really rest easy. She had told the pack to keep reporting in, to keep in close contact until this was definitely over. But maybe she could breathe a little, have a moment to herself. Maybe she had managed to protect everyone.

She reached inside herself to the link.

Guys, I’m leaving the house now. I’m heading to see Jake, I’ll let you know on the hour and when I get there. I won’t be back tonight.

Be safe.



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