Tooth and Claw


They had no right! The spirits, to show that to the cubs.
It was her memory to bear, and hers alone. She had lived with it for so long now, she had moved past it, accepted what happened and the consequences. Why could it not stay buried? Why did the pups have to stick their noses where they didn’t belong? WHY-
She stopped herself. Her hands had begun to grow, and her nails were turning to claws. Her eyes and fangs had probably changed too.
She took a deep breath, willed her mind to still, and reverted fully to homid form again. She had to watch her temper – she knew that. She had lost her cool earlier that day, when the Wendigo pup had confronted her. She had nearly attacked him. That had been unworthy, and she hated her self a little for it. Luckily he had backed down in time, which had allowed her to regain control.
This kind of shit is why she didn’t like advising new pups to look to the Umbra for answers – the spirits had their own agendas and ideas as to what answers one needed. As for why they showed the pups this, of all things… If she knew which spirit had shown them, she would go to the Umbra and torn it a new asshole.

Cleansing Flame was standing in the crowd, watching 2 werewolves beating each other up. A bottle was firmly in her hand. Trees were tougher than these so-called warriors, but the wolves at least tried to hit back. Not that it made a difference, they were all too scared to go up against her.

“I challenge Cleansing Flame”
The challenge stopped all talk and shouting in the ring. Eyes turned to her, and to the challenger.
It was the pup. That same boy who had prodded her earlier about… that which was not his business. Being reminded once again of things she would prefer to forget caused her temper to flare, and the bottle she was holding crushed in her grip.
To his credit, the pup did not flinch. He had guts, she had to give him that.
She stepped into the ring, and couldn’t help but smile. This just might be enjoyable.



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