Tooth and Claw


Cal and Nahuel were working together. The situation was stressful but that did not mean he couldn’t enjoy himself. It was rare that the two brothers were tasked to complete something, just the two of them, unsupervised. Normally they were watched closely, well, Cal was, Nahuel had proven himself more than capable.

Seeing Nahuel in his element was something else. He really had a gift for finding out information and tricking people into letting him see corpses. The last point was a little weird, but still true. His eyes were keener than Cal’s and he had a knack for being able to replay scenes in his head. Cal though had contacts, he knew how to deal with people better than his pack mate. Nahuel knew a lot but subtly wasn’t a word that came to mind when Cal thought of his brother. Stealth, yes, but subtly no.

Watching him work was still impressive. In the corpse room, he had picked up on the ring that meant the kinfolk victim was a virgin. He had also suggested they go and look in his flat, which had led them to connect him to Caleb and because of that they knew that all the kinfolk were in danger, but they also knew how to protect them.

The basement was when Nahuel had really come into his own. Cal had stood in fascination as he watched his pack mate walk around, describing in great detail everything had had happened to the poor girl. He spoke as though he was watching the whole thing replay in front of him. It was a bit strange if he was being honest, but cool strange.

All in all they had worked together well, even the visit to the elders, which had caused Cal some embarrassment because of Leaf. They had gathered information, made sensible judgements based on that information and didn’t cause panic and chaos along the way. If all the terrible things that were happening were left aside, it would be considered a good day, but as it stood, it was a good bonding exercise for them.

He still felt bad about hitting Nahuel, and he could tell that Nahuel still felt hurt by it, which he was more than right to, but, at least they had started to work past it, and begin to heal the rift Cal’s stupidly overblown reaction had caused. He remembered the whiskey glass. He had cracked it in his hand with ease. Now it stood next to his bed on the table. Another reminder, another attempt.



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