Tooth and Claw

Never forget, Never forgive

“Your Alpha’s not here to hold your hand now.”

Cal bowed his head and took Leaf’s abuse. There was little else he could do but stand there and accept it. He had earned the elders scorn, he and Julia. Collectively they had robbed him, blackmailed him and more besides. He did not trust them and probably never would. All hope of redemption in the Shadow Lord’s eyes was lost.

Julia would tell him to ignore the abuse, that he was better than Leaf and to let it go. She would consider the matter settled and best laid to rest. But Cal was not finished. Leaf had betrayed them just as much as they had dishonoured him. The time was coming when Cal would prove once again to Leaf-On-The-Wind that the elder could not predict him. He looked up at his accuser and stared him straight in the eyes, determination burning within him.

I haven’t finished Leaf, and you will reckon with me yet.



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