Tooth and Claw

Off with his... shirt

Or 'a tale of 15 successes, booyah and so forth'

Julia stumbled away from the cheering crowd around the wrestling match, dragging… Johnny, did he say his name was Johnny? She couldn’t quite take this whole ‘earned name’ thing seriously yet, and she had to keep reminding herself not to call him Ice-Skating-Wolf. Johnny was better, she didn’t feel a need to laugh when she called him that.

Anyway, she pulled Johnny away from the main party and off towards the tree line, smiling in a way that she knew had promises she had no intention of keeping. She had been slowly drawing him away from Kate for the last twenty minutes, laying on the charm thick and having a lot more luck than she had expected. Annie had stayed behind to keep the other young woman busy and find out why the two had been acting so shifty before Julia had arrived. She hoped Annie would have some luck. Kate still seemed nervous and on edge even when there was a party going on around her, so she could be a difficult one to crack. Nahuel’s clumsy attempts at flirting with her had been met with a solid wall of disinterest, or at least obliviousness. Hopefully Annie could do the whole ‘girl bonding’ thing or just beat it out of her. They knew it wasn’t Kate that had done the deed – the perpetrator was definitely a man- but that didn’t mean she wasn’t an accomplice or somehow involved.

Johnny followed her eagerly and she felt a little guilty of taking advantage of him like this. She had been making sure they’d both had a drink to try and make things easier, and whilst he wasn’t drunk he was definitely tipsy judging by his occasional stumble. Plus from what little she had seen he seemed like a nice enough guy, excepting the possibility that he had a tattoo on his back that marked him as a murdering tree despoiler.

And she was walking off alone with him into the woods.

Well, that made it harder to keep up the whole seductive act. Better get this over with quickly.

She held firmly onto his hand as she led him away from the noise and into a more quiet area, twining their fingers together. The moon was waxing and the night sky was clear, leaving the woods in a strange grey-blue darkness that put her on edge. The noise of the party disappeared surprisingly quickly, replaced with the low rustle of the forest. She didn’t want to go too far away, in case she was right and she needed to call the others to come help her. But at the same time, she couldn’t stay too close to the sept. One, she didn’t want more people to get involved that was strictly necessary. Two, she knew that were-on-were relationships were taboo (although nobody had ever really bothered to properly fill her in on why) and she didn’t want any chance of an audience. She stopped in a small clearing and turned to face him, pulling him towards her. He growled playfully and advanced, backing her against a tree. Julia forced herself to smile and respond positively. Maybe she shouldn’t have chosen this particular method of getting his shirt off.

It wasn’t that he was unattractive. Heck, most weres seemed to be at least somewhat good looking. Perhaps there was some requirement for breeding that nobody had brought up yet, a list of who you could and couldn’t mate with to ensure maximum good looks. Focus! He had nice eyes, and a cute face with a clean, strong jaw which she could understand some people would like. Plus he was very physically fit – that much was obvious again with most weres. Apparently the sept also required form fitting shirts, presumably for maximum rippage.

Focus, dammit! Besides, it’s not as if the whole bad boy thing has ever put you off.

It was just… just… she didn’t want to… because he wasn’t…

Stop it. You aren’t here to pine. You’re here to get the job done, however necessary. If it helps, just pretend he’s a certain somebody else and hope that thinking about it doesn’t somehow attract him. Take control, be the alpha your pack deserves and get the answers you need.

Julia felt a certain distance from the situation as she turned and pushed him hard against the tree, kissing him fiercely and running her hands through his hair. It felt strange to be kissing someone new. He wasn’t actually very good at it, but what he lacked in skill he seemed to be making up for in enthusiasm. He tasted of beer and sweat. She had to resist the urge to tear off his hand when he grabbed her ass. Think of the mission, think of the pack. Pretend he’s… She bit Johnny’s lip and he yelped slightly, trying to grab as much of her as possible without ripping her clothes. She really hoped that he was the guy they were looking for, or this could get awkward later.

After what felt uncomfortably like hours but was probably only five or ten minutes of heavy petting, she grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him away. He stumbled back in surprise, coming to a stop in a gap lit by a shaft of moonlight. She stepped forward, hands on her hips. Clearly he dug the whole dominating thing. He stared at her, wide eyed and breathing hard. Enough games.

“Take off your shirt.” I am alpha.

He took it off so fast that the material ripped in two. She stared. Johnny stood before her in the moonlight, a flirtatious and hopeful smile playing across his mouth. He spread his hands and turned slowly, as if to say ‘do you like what you see?’

He didn’t have the tattoo.


She looked him up and down slowly, pretending to be considering him as her mind whirled. Fuck fuck fuck. He stepped towards her again and she put a firm hand in the middle of his chest, holding him back.

If he wasn’t the one, then they would have to try someone else. She had really thought it was him, but now she had no real idea who it could be. Regardless, pursuing this… altercation any further was a waste of time. The pack would have to just start convincing guys to take their shirts off, whether by smooth talk or sheer force. Admittedly that probably wouldn’t be too difficult given the level of booze and general testosterone in the sept right now, but it would still make things take even longer. Who was it Annie had been flirting with before? Swift as the northern wind? He’d be next up. And then later Julia would have to deal with this mess.

She could feel his eyes still on her, anticipating. She smiled coyly up at him, tilting her head to the side. Then she stepped back and walked away, leaving him in the clearing.

A part of her was relieved that she had been wrong and that she wasn’t going to have to play at going any further with him before the pack came to capture him. A part of her wished she had been right. As she headed firmly away, she felt a familiar tingle that precluded telepathic contact. It was Annie, informing her she had been successful and that the reason Kate was being shifty wasn’t because she was evil, but because she was in a secret relationship… with Johnny.




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