Tooth and Claw

On Second Thoughts

The street lights flew past as they headed across the city. Jake was driving worryingly quickly but he managed to maintain control of the car without any difficultly. Cal sat in the front seat Annie and Nahuel were in the back. They were getting close. The tracking… thing was going mad and basically shaking at this point. They had followed the trail and watched the murderer select its victims. It had been horrific to watch this monster stalking its victims. Cal had been particularly distressed to watch Darcy taken. The kinfolk were deeply important to him, they were his friends, his extended family. They were important to all Fianna and should be protected. Whoever was responsible for this had already decided their own fate. Other matters were also playing at the corner of his mind.

Cal watched Jake out of the corner of his eye. He wasn’t sure what to make of the man. First impressions had not been very kind to him. He had not thought much of Jake at all when they first met, he didn’t make any impact at all on Cal. In fact he seemed completely beneath Cal’s concern. There were hundreds of his kind wandering around the everyday. Hollow people. His appearance did nothing to abate this, in fact it made it worse. Made it seem all the more fake.

He still was not sure what to make of him now, but Cal’s opinion had definitely changed. In truth he felt bad for judging the man so quickly and so harshly. He was still harbouring the judgement that he had made during his huge overreaction and he had to let go of that. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair and it would only do harm in the long run if he held onto it. He owed Julia that much.

Now was probably not the time to be reassessing his opinions of people, but he needed something to focus on, otherwise the worry would gnaw through him. So, what do I know about this guy. He ran over their interactions thus far. He doesn’t like people breaking into this house, but that just makes sense. He…well, what else do I know. He’s well connected with some very strange people, then again so are we. He can track her which is a bit weird, but then again, so could Nahuel. He is sensible, he sent us home to rest when we went to his door looking for Julia, he is right that looking for her while sleep deprived is not a good idea. He is worried about her. He loves her, and she loves him.

He ran his fingers through his hair. I guess that’s all that really matters. He wants her safe and she loves him. He thought back to the very weird afternoon with the mage. He had needed a single drop of blood from Julia’s true love to make the ritual work. Jake had offered his and the ritual had worked, that kinda proved that one. I have no reason to deny him. Am I looking for a reason? He’s Julia’s mate. He makes her happy, what more do I need to know. He glanced at Jake from the corner of his eye. Maybe I just need to get to know him a little better. Maybe… A strange thought struck him. He’s dating the Alpha, that… kinda makes him the Alpha male. Maybe, that’s why I was so….standoffish. Haven’t got the best history with Alpha males, but just because he’s the Alpha male it doesn’t mean he’s stronger, or smarter, or faster, it just means their together. It just means he has a right to be around.

The car slowed to a stop outside a house and Cal reached for his gun. Ok, time to take charge, here we go. He loaded a single silver bullet into the barrel as Jake got out of the car. He still wasn’t sure what he thought of the man, but he had at least decided to try and accept him.



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